Spotlight on The Simple Latte Jewellery (plus WIN a stunning piece of your own)

Sharon Harris is the very talented maker behind The Simple Latte, an online jewellery shop which has recently been given a brand new online home. Sharon's handmade jewellery is the very essence of timeless and as when I discovered her range I knew immediately that we shared a similar ethos for minimal pieces in terms of both style and quantity!  

I featured her chevron necklace in a Wishlist Wednesday post a while ago, and was delighted when she not only sent me one of my very own, but also to agreed be featured in a spotlight post and support a giveaway! There's more on that at the end of the post, but first, it's over to Sharon as we discuss how a 'non-crafty' person ended up running a small business as a maker and how jewellery making can be the perfect end to a long week. 

1: Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do?

My name is Sharon, I'm a wife and soon to be Mama based in the Midlands, UK. My shop is The Simple Latte where I make and sell minimal, simple jewellery pieces for people who want something personal and timeless.

2: How did your life as a maker begin?

I don’t actually consider myself a particularly creative person! I was brought up by a Mum who is into anything and everything crafty: papercraft, needlecraft, knitting – you name it.  Our house was always full of glitter glue, embossing powders and glue guns, yet I never really took to any of it as a kid, and often declared myself ‘not a crafty person.’ 

I have always loved jewellery though and had enormous collection of necklaces and the like when growing up. However I was always frustrated with the quality of the more simple pieces which looked so perfect and timeless in the shops but would quickly tarnish, turn my skin green, and sometimes red as I have rather sensitive skin!  

So, I delved into research online about metals and jewellery making and starting making some pieces for myself to wear. Very soon I was getting compliments on the pieces I had made from people, and questions about where they could buy something similar. I found I was more than happy to make items for them, as I really enjoyed the process of making even with the patience it requires. I had obviously found my creative streak!   

3: You're jewellery is beautiful and everything in your range is very minimal and well considered. Where do you find your inspiration? 

I consider myself a fairly minimalist person, not in the extreme sense, but in owning fewer pieces that are of better quality. This concept made it's was through my wardrobe and into my jewellery collection which was downsized dramatically! I then began creating the pieces which, quite simply, I would like to wear! Everything you see on my website are things which I wear myself, I often get (well meant) suggestions from people about pieces I could make or types of jewellery I could go into, but I'm quite specific in my choices and want people to see the charm in the simplicity. I really enjoy making items which can be subtly worn on their own to add a little shine to the day or layered and mixed with other pieces to make more of a statement. 

4: What is your favourite item of jewellery to make and to wear?

Anything with a hammered finish! I cannot tell you how joyful it is to get the hammer out after a long week and get to it! It's also my favourite type to wear, the Hammered Gold Bar Necklace was the first piece I made and is still my favourite. I love how each hammered piece is unique to the person who it's made for; there are never the same hammer markings on any two pieces.

5: You like to buy all your materials from the UK. Why do you think it's important to support local businesses and makers? 

I think its really important to support local makers where you can, it's these people who are real inspirations to others. To show that the hard work and imagination they put into their work really can pay off gives them the ability not to be eaten up by the cheap and cheerful larger companies. I think of it like doing your bit for the environment; it's not always easy to buy small or UK based, but where you have the option, no matter how small, I think it's important to make the right decision. You might not be able to do it every time, but every time you do it makes a difference to that persons life! 

6: You've recently launched a beautiful new website. What are your future plans for The Simple Latte?  

Moving from Etsy to my own website was a huge leap for me and has really tested my technical ability but, all wrinkles smoothed out, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.  With a little one due in January, I'm realistic in just hoping to keep my current rate of orders ticking over, however deep down I'm hoping to grow the business to a point where it might mean I can do what I love for a full time living, which would be amazing!


Thank you so much Sharon for a wonderful interview, I think we would all agree that supporting small, UK businesses where we can is so important! 

If you would like the chance to bring a little sunshine into your day with one of Sharon's beautiful handmade necklaces, she has very kindly offered the chance for one lucky reader to choose any necklace from her collection! 

There are several ways you can enter, with a total of five entries possible:

1. Head over to The Simple Latte and choose which necklace you would love to win, then come back here and comment below with you choice. 

2. Share this post on Twitter, tagging both @thesaltedtail and @thesimplelatte so we can find you, and make sure you follow us both too. 

3. Head over to my Instagram feed for three more chances to enter! Just look for the image below in my gallery....  

The giveaway will be running for two weeks, and one winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday November 1st. The winner will be contacted via email or DM, and also announced on Instagram Stories. 

Good luck folks, I know the lucky winner is going to adore whichever piece they choose!

(All images in this post, except for the first and last, are courtesy of The Simple Latte. I have been gifted the chevron necklace, but all opinions are entirely my own)


  1. Love finding a great independent business and hearing the story behind them! It's hard to choose, but I'd love to win the gold hammered disc necklace... and I think I'll be adding the Ella necklace to my Christmas list! Thanks both x

  2. I would love the silver bee necklace!

  3. I’d choose the green malachite necklace (in gold) because I’ve just recently learned about this gem & it’s healing properties when it comes to depression. Entered on Ig (@thetalesofgem) and just off to enter on twitter too. X

  4. I love all of them! I am torn between the silver bee as it holds such as special meaning and then the silver chevron is such a simple statement necklace. Either would be lovely! Claire (written from kyles account for some reason :P )