DIY Tutorial: Bunting Cake Topper

It's been approximately a millions years since I've written a tutorial post, and the reason for this is that its been approximately a million years since I've actually made anything. 

This is a super easy one but I think it will also be really useful as it can be really easily adapted for any occasion, plus a nice topper can make a simple cake feel much more celebratory! 

I actually made this for my friend Grace and her daughter Evelyn who's first birthday isn't until the weekend. I therefore don't have any photos of it in situ atop a cake, but hopefully you'll get the idea. Also (apparently I'm trying to squeeze in as many apologies as I can in the first few paragraphs of the post) the light while I was taking these photos kept changing, and then my camera battery ran out so just pretend the photos are amazing okay? 

So, you will need:

- Paper to use as a template
- A plain coloured paper (I used the pearlised pink)
- Patterned paper 
- Twine
- Straws to tie your finished bunting to
- Scissors, a ruler, glue and a pencil! 
- Letter stickers. Of course you could cut out letters from paper and stick them on, but the stickers are really easy and I love the Meri-Meri All Wrapped Up glitter stickers. I bought about 5 packets in TKMaxx a while back and I use them a lot, so much so that if I ever see them I'll buy another packet because I'm a bit scared of running out! 

First things first, you'll need to make yourself a template in the shape shown. Mine was 4.5cm wide by 14cm long, and I just eyeballed it based on the size of the stickers. Cut out the required number of flags from your patterned paper, or whichever paper you're going to have as the base of your flag. I did three! 

Once you've done that, cut about 4-5mm off your template all the way around to make a template for the smaller part of each flag. You can use a ruler and measure it, or just guess with the scissors.

(See what I mean about the light changing? Nightmare.) 


I feel like the rest of this is very self explanatory! Glue the layers together, then fold each flag in half. You might beed to have a little trim up if the front and back don't quite match up.  

Pop your letter stickers on to each flag. I chose to put a sticker on the back of each flag too so that the topper works from either side. If you want to do the backs too, make sure you get them the right way round so your chosen word doesn't end up backwards!    

Stick each flag onto a length of twine, and you're done! 

When it comes to popping it onto your cake, tie each end of the twine onto the top of each straw. If your cake is really soft you can probably just push the straws into the cake, but it may be easier to cut some barbecue skewers down to just shorter than the length of the straws, then pop those into the cake at an angle and slide the straws over the top.   

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  1. Lovely! I'm going to give this a go next month :)