Introducing 'Food Moments' - A Beid Bil Tamriya Recipe from Ellie Ward

I recently got an interesting message from an online friend I met through instagram. She is a fellow Eleanor, although she prefers Ellie, and I believe we 'met' (albeit virtually) after discussing natural dye techniques. We've stayed in touch, and a few weeks ago she suggested a recipe I might like to feature on The Salted Tail and it got me thinking. 

Reading the post submission Ellie sent made me realise how instrumental food can be in shaping our lives. I certainly have several memories that have food at their centre, and it is one of the most important factors in my life, from deciding where we go on holiday to the time spent perusing recipe books before I go to bed. 

I have also had some issues with food in the last few years, and it's only recently that I've let myself re-discover my love for it. I've been reading my books like they're novels, perusing the market stalls for local ingredients, devouring food based podcasts and binge-watching baking videos. 

It's like a really big bit of me has woken up (and gone in search of breakfast!)

So, to celebrate my reawakening, I've decided to start a new series I'm calling Food Moments. These will be guest posts, (plus a few moments of my own) sharing life's important memories and moments where food has been at the heart. Prepare for lots of reminiscing and recipes! 

For now, it's over to Ellie for the first in the series. She shares why a favourite cafe in Peckham became an important part of her family life, and a brunch recipe she devised after tasting a particular dish and needing to re-create it at home.


"I lived in Peckham for a decade before making the predictable move to outside the M25 when our son was born. We saw the area of London we lived in change over time. From a place with low rents that encouraged many to start innovative restaurants, artisan delicatessens, gallery spaces and yoga studios to a place known for exactly that. In poured money and gentrification took a firm grasp. Rents crept up and many of the original businesses were forced to re-locate. We decided at this point it was time to cash in and sell. 

Despite it’s relatively rapid ascent (or descent as some may argue) I miss that beautiful part of London everyday. I miss it’s vibrancy, its inclusion and its warm openness to all. One place sums up Peckham for me better than anywhere - Persepolis. Persepolis is a corner shop and cafe that has been in the same spot for 16 years. It’s run by an incredible lady called Sally Butcher and her Iranian husband Jamshid. It houses an amazing array of exotic goods: herbs, spices, oils and teas as well as other impossible-to-find-elsewhere ingredients.  

Pre-child, we would often go on a weekend morning for a slow brunch, tasting several unusual yet totally delicious dishes.  Once our son Ludo was born, we would call in after swimming for a refreshing pomegranate juice and a takeways box of Turkish delight from the counter. In fact, our son had his first taste of solid food Persepolis - flat bread and hummus - true story! 

The first plate I ever tried was an Iraqi breakfast dish called beid bil tamriya which is basically eggs, dates and cardamom. It’s so ridiculously simple yet so delicious. I ordered it because it sounded so odd I just had to try it! In the UK we tend to consider eggs outside of baking as a savoury ingredient - quiche, omelette, or hard boiled with a pinch of salt and soldiers. This dish however is a sweet sensation! 

For two people you’ll need:

- Butter or coconut oil for frying (I personally prefer coconut oil for it’s plant based fats and creamy taste) 
- 2 medjool dates (or three regular ones)
- 4-5 eggs (depending on your hunger level!)
- A teaspoon of cardamon powder (you can buy this pre-ground or break open some pods and grind the seeds - you'll need about 10 pods)
- Some great sourdough bread

First, de-stone and roughly chop the dates. Heat the butter or coconut oil over a medium heat and add the chopped dates. Fry them until they’re softened, mashing a bit with a wooden spoon as you go. Take care not to let them burn. 

Beat your chosen number of eggs and add to the pan with the dates. Stir constantly to scramble your eggs to your preferred consistency then remove from the heat and stir in the cardamom powder. 

Serve with sourdough, black coffee and a Sunday supplement." 

Ellie is a 36 year old ex-fashion buyer, now a mother and a maker. She lives in the modernist village of New Ash Green, Kent with her husband and son. She has a jewellery brand called Unknown Legend. You can find Ellie and her beautiful jewellery on Instagram or have a look at her etsy shop here.

This beid bil tamriya recipe is wonderfully delicious! I've made it several times already and I've also found that combination of dates and cardamom makes an amazing addition to porridge! I will definitely be visiting Persepolis next time we're in London. Ellie also recommended their recipe books which do look wonderful! Persia in Peckham for example is describes as 'A slightly daft English woman guide to Persian cuisine"

Hopefully you enjoyed the first Food Moment. I can't wait to share more stories with you, and if you have a favourite food moment you'd like to share please to get in touch - everything you need is under 'Contact' above! 


  1. What a wonderful idea for a blog series. This sounds utterly delicious, I will see if I can attempt it over the weekend :-)