Currently Coveting - Wednesday Wishlist

It's been three months since I've written a wishlist post. Either I haven't been doing as much window shopping as usual or things just haven't been catching my eye, but since the last list I haven't naturally reached that point where I've had enough things I'd like share. I love putting these posts together, but I like to make sure that the things I include are genuinely things I would love to own and use.

In the last few weeks though, I've been saving some things to instagram and pinterest and have gathered a few things to share with you that have definitely made their way onto my wishlist! Enjoy...

I've been following Rebecca's stunning instragm account for a while and if you're at all interested in natural dying, fabric and yarn, or just completely beautiful images (including recently some tiny baby toes!) then I highly recommend you head over there and check her out. The first issue of her self published magazine Plants are Magic (which has a separate instagram feed here) looks stunning. After experimenting with ice dying a few months ago I've been interested in giving some natural, plant based and foraged dyes a go and I think this magazine might be a great place to start. It's filled with interviews, projects and and stories all revolving around the magic of plants, and the theme for the first volume is Wellbeing. It sounds wondeful and I'm desperate to get my hinds on a copy. Rebecca has also published a book, Botanical Colour at Your Finger Tips which looks amazing if you're looking for a more in depth look at natural dying. 

Sometimes I come across an object which is a bit of me! This necklace (not to mention many of the other stunning pieces in the Promises Promises range) really speaks to me. The colours are those I always choose, I love the combination of polished geometric brass and the more raw, coastal feeling of the cast jesmonite. I'd never heard of jesmonite until I found this jewellery, it's similar to concrete but looks and feels like natural stone. I have been obsessed with beach treasure since I was little and I think necklace this looks like it could have been found on the sand and re-purposed into a beautiful piece of jewellery.  The whole range is really unique and interesting - definitely one to look at!   

Another necklace! I think the warmer weather makes me more inclined to get my jewellery out, as it can feel like a waste sometimes to wear accessories when they end up getting hidden under scarfs and coats. This chevron necklace is something I've been on the look out for for a while. I'm a big fan of 'simple' in every sense, and that generally applies to clothes too. I love nothing more than a perfect cotton t-shirt or a simple sweatshirt, and I think a really understated necklace with a v-neck t-shirt looks beautiful. This beautiful chevron from Sharon at The Simple Latte is made from sterling silver and its a dinky 3cm across making it perfect to wear everyday. Sharon's etsy shop is full of lovely minimal pieces, and I'm also a big fan of her delicate gemstone necklaces. I'm hopefully going to be talking to Sharon about her work in more depth soon, so if you're a fan stay tuned for that in the next few weeks. 

On the theme of simple, how perfect is this playsuit from Stalf!? I've been really enjoying wearing playsuits, dungarees and all in ones recently as they're comfy, they don't require any thought and you can easily make them more dressey if needed. I spotted this one being worn by a few people over on instagram and it's just the sort of thing I would love to wear. They're all out of stock at the moment (which can only be a good thing I reckon!) but as well as black it also comes in steel blue and 'ice cream' which might be the best colour description I've ever heard! Stalf have so many perfect simple pieces that I know would fit so comfortably into my wardrobe. Stalf is based in Lincolnshire and is driven not by what is in fashion, but by the women who wear the pieces and I love that! Slowly crafted clothes made for loving and re-wearing year after year, just like owner Paris' grandparents did! 

About a year ago, I fell completely in love with bullet journaling. It finally got me organised, I found making lists massively helped my productivity and I loved having everything in one place. The freedom to just turn the page and write a list was great, and not having a months and weeks preprinted allows you to be completely flexible in how you use your journal. However - recently I've found I'm not making the time to draw out the months and weeks as they roll round and am consequentially getting to the middle of the month and realising I've forgotten something because I haven't been transferring things out of the 'yearly planner' section into the monthly one. I also don't necessarily like carrying so much past staff around with me, so I feel like a change is in order. I've been doing a bit of research and feel like a Midori Travellers Notebook could work really well for me. They sell loads of different inserts, including pre-printed (and undated) monthly and weekly diaries which would remove the need to draw these out. There are also lined, squared and plain paper inserts so by using a squared one I could continue my daily bullet journalling as I do now, and as they're quite thin (and less than £5) once one is full I can just remove it and start a new one. I also quite like the idea of having a separate insert for the lists that I keep and use for longer than a day, things like blog post ideas, money tracking and lists of things to make. I'm really keen to try the system out and would love to hear how you find it if any of you use a travellers notebook already. 

Hopefully you've enjoyed this long overdue roundup of some things that have caught my magpie-eye.  I think I might make these posts a monthly feature. Writing them weekly as I used to do feels too frequent and I'd like to have space for some more focused, in-depth posts about individual makers and businesses so if you think you'd like to be featured please do get in touch.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts folks!

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