Doors of St Ives

I'm called every year to come back to St Ives
Southwest bound with others who lead busy lives,
To walk on the Island, to gaze at the sea,
Drawn back to this land that is calling to me.
The deeper blue Ocean, the paler blue sky,
The call of the seagulls all soaring on high,
Wherever I travel, wherever I roam,
One day I will live here and call Cornwall home.

One of the loveliest things about our recent holiday to Cornwall was that it was so quiet and peaceful we were able to almost forget we were tourists and move into the, usually bustling, but this time decidedly sleepy little town of St. Ives. 

We spent a lot of time just wandering around noticing the little alleyways and funnily shaped (and often named) houses, and in particular how many differently coloured doors there are - a veritable rainbow in fact!  

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  1. just gorgeous! I'd really love to visit St Ives now... love the door's banner you made!