Tutorial: Easy Leather and Copper Hanging Planter Update

Like most of us plant lovers, I've got quite the collection! Mostly they adorn windowsills and side tables, but as we're decorating at the moment I've been planning to spread them around the house a little more and give them proper homes! 

I like the idea of hanging planters, and there are some really affordable ones around - but, they're often let down by cheap looking hangers. I bought this small one in Tiger, and the shape is fun but I wasn't really a fan of the cord hanger. My sister bought me the larger one for Christmas, and while I love the dipped copper effect, the rope hanger was far too bulky and didn't feel like it would support much weight.

So, I untied the old hangers and using some leather cord and copper wire, made some hangers that are a lot simpler and much more in-keeping with the general feel our finished rooms will have. 

For the larger one which has three hanging points, I cut three lengths of leather, and threaded one (from the inside) through each hole, then secured it in place by wrapping it tightly with a length of copper wire.

If you have a go at this yourself, make sure to wrap the wire really tightly, and pull each piece of leather firmly to make sure it will be able to take the weight of a plant. If you were doing this with a much larger and heavier pot you could glue the leather in place first then cover the glue with the wrapped copper. 

Once you've done all three, gather up the ends and make sure they're still roughly equal. 

Next, I decided to add a wooden ring (an old curtain ring) to add a little interest and also so the hanger can be suspended from one piece of leather rather than trying to attach all three together, thus creating the same bulk I was trying to avoid! 

Next, I removed the hook from the ring and replaced it with another length of leather. I made a second loop at the top for hanging, and wrapped a small section of the ring with some more wire. 

For the small planter, I simply replaced the single length of black cord that was knotted at each end with a length of leather secured with wrapped wire! 

They're still awaiting their plants, I haven't quite decided yet which ones are going where, but I much prefer their new look! 


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