Currently Coveting - Wednesday Wishlist (On A Thursday!)

Hello there! Due to our seriously flaky internet connection (the only downside to living in the middle of nowhere!) this fortnight's edition of the Wednesday Wishlist is coming to you 24 hours later than planned as a one off (I hope!) Thursday Wishlist!  

Never the less, I think it's a really good one and I hope it's worth the wait! Several of these items are definitely going on my list for a certain man-in-red! So without further ado, I bring you five items I am currently coveting...

I discovered Cornwall based Bloom Remedies while we were on holiday in the county in May, and adore their Serenity Slumber range. I have the roll on by my bed and it's become a fantastic 'it's time to sleep now' cue for me whenever I smell it!  I've recently started diffusing essential oils, particularly at night and have been keeping an eye out for interesting blends to use at other times of the day too. I love the sound of Deep Release which I think could be a good daytime blend as it contains oils to uplift and invigorate. These three are sold individually and are £9.50 each. 

(Spoiler Alert: I have a spotlight post with Bloom Remedies coming up at the beginning of next month - and there may be a cheeky discount for all you lovely folks too, so stay tuned!) 

I'm really drawn to anything deep blue right now, and immediately loved these beautiful mirrors when I spotted them while browsing the Two Crafty Brownies etsy store. They're really simple and striking (simple is my favourite - have you noticed!) and are the perfect everyday-yet-beautiful item to cheer up your make up bag (or your matching Hand Dyed Shibori Tote)

Sticking with the deep inky blue theme, next on the list is this sapphire necklace by Abiza Jewellery on etsy. Again, I love the simplicity and the carefully considered placement of each stone to create the not-quite-syemetrical ombre pattern. I think it would be perfect with a black v-neck t-shirt or a linen shirt. Sapphire is September's birthstone (that's me!) but there are also several other birthstone variations too, or you could just pick your favourite colour! I also rather like the aquamarine and the garnet variations (the garnet one looks like lots of tiny Philosophers stones - or is that just me?)   

Oh copper, how I love thee! I recently broke my glass plant mister which was a rather sad day, but I have healed that sadness somewhat by falling head over heals with this copper set! I think it would look great out on display when not being used, unlike the plastic spray bottle I'm currently using! You can buy the mister individually of course, but I also have quite a collection of house plants which need a decent watering so... 

You can always count on The Future Kept for well made, carefully sourced and generally stunning items and this jute clutch bag is no exception. I love its tactile, raw quality and I think it would be amazing with jeans and a cardigan or maybe a black t-shirt dress and some gold toned jewellery. Equally, you could use it as a make up bag but I think it would be a shame not to make it a real feature of your outfit - its only £25 too!


I truly love everything in this weeks round-up and I hope you agree! Next week The Language Magpie will be back with the letter 'B', and there will be another wishlist in two weeks! 

I've been thinking that I might replace the usual wishlists with some gift guides in the run up to the festive season - what do you think? If you agree, who would you like to see gift guides for? Do let me know what you think! 


  1. Ooh so thrilled to be on your wishlist!! Many thanks, Jenny and Lu xxx

    1. You're most welcome! I adore your shop - really hoping Father Christmas is reading ;) x

  2. Father Christmas �� �� is indeed reading this x

  3. I'm looking forward to your Bloom Remedies spotlight - I picked up a lavender roll-on from Boots a few months' ago and it really helped me to get to sleep. I'm quite stressed at work at the moment so something which eases anxiety before bed would be gratefully received! C x

    1. I have the 'Serenity Slumber' roll on fro Bloom Remedies and its amazing - the whole Serenity range is lovely for de-stressing or pre-bed time! x