Currently Coveting - Wednesday Wishlist

As promised, here is this week's list of beautiful things I'm currently admiring, things I've been pinning to my 'Covet' board lately, and a couple of things I spotted while I was walking in London last week. Enjoy...

One: Attelier Stella White Stripe Cat Pot - I've been following Stella Baggot on Instagram for a while. She's a Brighton based ceramicist who's work is wonderfully wonky and characterful. I love her colour pallet, and that each item she sells via her website it a one-off. It appears that when new items are listed they (unsurprisingly) sell out really quickly as I haven't managed to bring one of her pieces into my life yet, which also means sadly this wonderful mustard yellow cat planter is already sold. The next sale begins at 11am on Wednesday 17th August - it's in my diary and and hopefully I'll be lucky this time! Alternatively, some Atelier Stella ceramics pieces are available from various stockists, and she has also produced a range for West Elm too! 

Two: This one isn't a specific item - but recently I've been admiring these slightly weird looking, dangly, bobbly plants known as string of pearls or string of beads.  They're a type of succulent, and I just think they're fascinating! The image above is from A Home Full Of Color, where writer Shavonda shares a tutorial for her fantastic copper and wood hanging planter. If anyone has ant recommendations for where I could get one of these beauties (online or in Norfolk!) I'd be very grateful! 

Three: Svenska Hem collection at Kikki-K - Metal Holders - I spotted these in the Covent Garden Kikki-K shop last week and so nearly bought them! They're not available to buy online yet, but I think they will be soon. I have started to amass quite a collection of postcards, notecards and little inspirational quotes that I'd like to display but which I don't necessarily want to commit to them long term in a frame. I love the simplicity of these little holders, but I couldn't help thinking 'how can I make these' - so I put them back, and plans are afoot for a DIY version - watch this space! 

Four: Assembly Home Hanging Planter - I regret not buying this when I saw it last week because now it seems to be sold out everywhere! I spottet it in Urban Outfitters, so it's probably available in stores, but it does seem to be sold out online. I really enjoy it's unusual shape, and I think it can be hung horizontally or slightly upright so it resembles a crescent moon. I'm in love with everything copper right now too, and it would be an excellent home for a string of pearls plant I feel. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out incase it's back in stock soon! 

Five: Svenska Hem at Kikki-K Cup and Saucer Set - Along with the metal holders, I spotted this really cute set in Kikki-K. I love the modern take on a cup and saucer, and the mug has a speckled finish which I think makes it look a little like a melamine picnic mug - very appealing! It's the perfect size for a coffee and for someone who doesn't usually like a lot of pattern, I like the simple, Swedish feel of the gold floral illustrations.

Six: The Future Kept - Mountain Ceramics - I've featured The Future Kept in a previous wishlist post, and I often pop over and browse Jeska and Dean's beautifully curated collection of things, all so carefully chosen and in-keeping with the shop's ethos of 'Buy Less - Buy Better' - objects that are truly made to last, and to be cherished for many years. Something that recently caught my eye was the Mountain Ceramics range. There's a mug, coffee dripper and pourer and they are stunning. They seem to have that really heavy, substantial quality and would definitely make coffee-brewing a true ritual! It's my birthday next month, and these have gone on my 'if-I-get-any-birthday-money' list!


Hopefully that's provided a little shopping inspiration. I've definitely begun to think a little differently about my position as a consumer of 'stuff' recently - as I felt when toying with whether or not to buy the metal holders, I'm beginning to think 'can I make this' more automatically, and if not I'm considering more carefully if this is the best version of this object I can buy, is there a more sustainable version, or can I buy it from somewhere which would better support a local or independent business? Of course I'm still going to be inspired by things in Urban Outfitters or other high street shops - but I don't feel like I need to own them! It's quite liberating!

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