Vintage Flannel and Dungarees

Last Saturday, D and I popped over to Beccles to have a look around Vintage Mischief, one of our favourite (and definitely one of the best) vintage shops!

On the same site as Vintage mischief is Trip Trapp, which sells a really carefully selected range of vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Earlier in the year I bought the best faux fur coat from here, and there is usually something which catches my eye the moment I walk in! This time it was a 1970's flannel t-shirt. I love coral and blue together, and there's something about it that reminds me of the Union Jack! I loved it as soon as I put it on, it's almost cropped, but not quite and I love how simple it is, just two pieces of fabric sewn together up the seams.

I also found a pair of black dungarees. I've been looking for some for ages, and although the zip is broken and I think they're too long, I deliberated over them for ages then decided that I'd regret not buying them. They fit too perfectly to leave behind, and the zip and leg length are easily sorted out. They also go rather nicely with my flannel t-shirt! 

 I haven't really done any outfit posts before, but I dragged D outside in the sun to take some pictures

I definitely think the legs are too long, but I haven't decided yet whether I'll just roll them up or actually chop them off. I'm thinking they might look quite good with a raw hem - maybe after I've sorted the zip I'll wear them a few times and see how I feel.

I'm not too good at this outfit photo malarky - especially not when the sun is in my eyes! Just ignore my face (and arms!) and look at the clothes! 

The cat was obviously wondering what on earth we were up to and came to have a nose out of the window! 

Pastry couldn't care less about my dungarees, apart from the fact that they don't yet smell like our house so he must immediately rub his face all over them until they do. Even though I'm squinty, I quite like a bit of posing, maybe I'll start doing some more outfit posts...I clearly need the practise! 

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