Rescuing Houseplants

We're really lucky to have two amazing farm shops near to where we live. One of them is only a miles walk from our house, and is part of a nursery with a huge variety of plants, as well as pick your own fruit and, when we went yesterday, lots of teeny tiny chicks wandering around!

We'd only popped in to get some fruit and vegetables for dinner but we went for a quick wander through the plants too. Recently I've had a growing obsession (just like the rest of the internet!) with succulents, and have been after something a little bigger for the living room. I couldn't resist this rather sad looking aloe vera plant which along with it's crispy and broken leaves, has lots of mini plants sprouting from it too! It was only £3.50 so I brought it home with plans to re-pot it and hopefully separate out the little shoots.

I've only recently starting keeping plants indoors and don't really know what I'm doing, so I did a little googling and found that the little offshoots can indeed be separated and repotted. I promptly made a complete mess of the kitchen, separating out the little ones and repotting the 'mother' plant into a nice big pot to give it lots of room to, hopefully, thrive!

There were six new plants growing off of the main one. Some went into plastic pots that I'll hopefully be able to transfer them out of once they've become a little more established. I put the strongest looking one (i.e., the one with the most roots attached to it -  guesswork really!) into the vintage liberty mug I've been trying to find a use for! 

The mother plant is now sitting on our living room windowsill. I'm resisting the urge to water it for a couple of days as advised by a few different websites. It appears to be leaning a bit, but hopefully it will start to perk up soon! We bought the pot from Next, and while it was cheap, we were both a little frightened by Next on sale day! We'd never been the day a sale started before, and it was rather like a stampede through a jumble sale. We went at lunchtime - I can't imagine what it would have been like a 3am when the doors opened! 

So far I've been poking it a lot and hoping for the best. If this little guy survives I think I might buy a cheese plant next! If anyone has any advice, it would be very gratefully received! 


  1. Plants always make any home feel that more much more pleasant :) I'd love to get more in my bedroom, but there's just not enough lighting, so I keep a palm plant that doesn't require too much lighting or water :)


    1. Yes I think so too! We're lucky here that our house it quite bright, maybe even too much as my little aloe is looking a little bit sunburnt, I've actually had to move it away from the window! xxx