Sharon Elphick (Pretty Pretty Pottery)

When I started writing this I couldn't quite remember how I came across Sharon Elphick, but had written a note to myself to write a post about her lovely ceramics. After some research this morning, it seems it was probably via Rob Ryan, who hosted a pop-up of her work in his shop in November last year. I've been following her on Instagram for a while and having a little mid-scroll pang of adoration every time I see an image of her beautiful pottery.

They're the sort of planting vessel that almost becomes part of the plant itself, organic and full of movement. The marks used are really intentional and you can almost see the where the makers hands last touched the clay. Add to that the spindly, triffid like legs she gives some, and they could almost be living themselves.

Here are some of my favourites...

Just beautiful aren't they! So tactile and raw looking. 

I would love be able to tell you where you can buy them, but it's all a bit confusing in that department. From what I can tell, Sharon Elphick sells her work in a few bricks and mortar shops in London - Committee of Taste in Hackney (who's instagram I just pinched a photo from) being one of them. I also found a few for sale online at a really interesting looking vintage furniture shop called The Peanut Vendor, which also has a great looking coffee shop and cafe, which no doubt D will want to visit next time we're in London as part of his ongoing hunt for the perfect coffee!

I love it when this happens, you find something you love, and after a bit of searching around end up with a whole trail of loveliness to follow! The beauty in amongst the often thorny-mess of the internet! 

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