A Barbecue In Coats

Yesterday, we decided it was definitely Summer now, and we set about making plans to have the first barbecue of the year! We invited my sister and her boyfriend, but after realising we don't actually own a barbecue, and only have two outdoor chairs, we ended up going to their house instead.

About 20 minutes after arranging this, it promptly started hailing. We were not deterred however, and set off to buy barbecue accompaniments, with a request for "some bloody good potato salad." We of course delivered, and tweaked this Jamie Oliver recipe slightly to include chorizo rather than bacon.

Although the sun was shining, and the pictures make it look pleasingly balmy - it wasn't really warm enough. We all sat huddled round the barbecue, and Jessica and I decided coats were necessary!  

Still, it was a lovely evening. We listened to Jessica's entire music collection on shuffle (which meant a random sentence from an audio book every so often, and a spontaneous rendition of the YMCA from D) and I perused the new LUSH catalogue.

As well as the usual steak, chicken and sausages, I arrived with halloumi and an avocado to add to the grill, which didn't go down too well with the men. In fact the phrase "stop taking up sausage room with your pissing avocado" was uttered at one point, as well as some cheese 'accidentally' falling down between the bars. Hmm... 

Jessica's boyfriend Harry used to be a chef, so he comes in pretty useful when it comes to cooking, and it also means that Jessica has been well trained to cook the perfect steak (I make no apologies for enjoying it most when still bleeding)

She realised I was probably taking pictures for a post, and was attempting to present three steaks as though she was on the cover of The Good Food Magazine. I'm not sure it exactly worked...

I can't wait to spend more time outside this Summer. We have a pretty good sized garden at the moment, but it's very overlooked, and it's difficult to relax when your (lovely, but...let's call it observant) neighbours are wandering past and checking out what you're reading, or having for your tea! When we finally move (which fingers crossed should be soon, we're slowly beginning to win the battle of the red-tape now!) we've got plans to build a pizza oven, and cook and eat outside as much as  possible during the Summer months, as well as using the space to grow a few bits and bobs too! 

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  1. This looks so yummy!! Totally reminds me of summer :) I can't wait!

    -Lor // acozyspace.wordpress.com