Currently Coveting - Wednesday Wishlist

It seemed odd to write a wish list post in January, so soon after Christmas when I was given so many lovely things and when I had spent the month beforehand shopping and considering gifts. However, now we have (somehow) reached February, it feels like time for another one.

I've amassed a little collection of things recently that I love, or would like to try, but which will have to stay within the realms of window shopping for now - moving house is mighty expensive, especially when the Land Registry mess up, but that's a story for another day.

 Firstly, this fantastic, watery, Marbled Blue Tea Mug from Free People. It's one of my favourite shades of blue-grey and just seems to embody the vastness of the ocean and the movement of the waves. I do wonder if it might have that sort of chalk-board feel though and make you shudder when you touch it - not exactly conducive to a restorative cup of tea! Either way, as much as I love it, I don't really have £40 to be spending on mugs!

This print, Simple Shapes No4, by Eloise Renouf caught my eye the other day after I accidentally searched for the word 'colour' on pinterest. It was indeed the colours that grabbed me, I love the combination of earthy olive greens and greys and the pops of bright pink! I've also been drawn to simple, geometric lines in everything recently (remember my decorating style post a couple of weeks ago?) and I think this would look great on a bright white wall. Definitely have a look at Eloise's shop, there are several prints I really like, as well as napkins and tea towels, and a small collection of original pieces, all of which feel inspired by the colours and patterns of the 50's and 60's. 

This is something I am eager to try because of how it sounds, although I do like the packaging too! D and I are both fans of goats cheese, but goats milk isn't something we use regularly, and goats milk chocolate is completely new to me! I'm intrigued, as to me goats cheese is definitely savoury, and one of my favourite things is the mixture of sweet and savoury flavours so I can imagine this bar from Mast Brothers being a great success! I stumbled across it here, at Cocoa Runners where I lost a little while looking at all the lovely chocolate packaging! 

The second mug on my list is from Pickle Pottery in California, but I found this particular Heart Loop mug via Pinterest. Unfortunately Urban Outfitters who were selling it seem to have sold out and I can't find it anywhere else (boo!) I love for it's many contrasts and it's wonderfully imperfect finish, and it also looks quite DIY-able... 

I've been meaning to buy myself a pair of trainers since before we got married, not for exercising (I've got a couple of different pairs of running shoes) but for wearing with my jeans cuffed a little and my oversize pink wool coat and pretending I'm one of those proper hipster blogger types (or maybe that's nothing like what they look like and I've just made a great big faux pas) Either way, I really like these Nike ones (they're similar to the ones my best friend got changed into half way through our wedding reception...I should add she was my bridesmaid and at the same time changed her dress and realised she'd lost her bra - funny the things you end up remembering forever!)

Lastly, since I've been going to yoga classes, I've been on the lookout for a new pair of leggings that I can treat myself to once I've mastered a tricky pose. I'm not sure which pose that will be yet, but I found these really comfy looking ribbed ones from Free People. I love that they're a little bit 90's looking, the extra long legs appeal to me and I bet they would feel like pyjamas! 

You can buy presents for mastering savasana right? 

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