Our Decorating Style {Organic Modern}

As I've mentioned a few times recently, we're currently in the process of selling our house and buying a bright shiny new one, well, not brand new, but considerably newer than our current one.

A small bit of me was worried that we might miss the character that our 200 year old cottage has, but it seems that in the three years we've owned it, our decorating style has changed considerably, and we both feel that a more modern home, with higher ceilings and more light and space is what we need right now.

I touched on this in a previous post, when I noticed that the interiors I was being drawn to were very different to the style of our current house. When we were planning these rooms, the remit was 'rustic industrial', lots of brick and leather, exposed metal, well worn furniture and muted, dark colours. However, recently I've been drawn to rooms with a much simpler feel, white walls, geometric furniture and a monochrome palette with interest gained through natural textures.

I did a quick online search this evening for a 'decorating style quiz', as apart from searching for 'Scandinavian style', I didn't really know what the general consensus on the label for style of room would be. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't matter to us at all if what we like doesn't fit with a certain style or trend, but it makes wasting hours searching Pinterest for inspiration even easier!

I came across a couple of quizzes that looked promising, both with very different means of testing your style preferences. The first is from The Decorist, and involves choosing your favourite sofa, tables, rug, lamp, mirror and paint colour from a selection. As you pick each piece it pops into a virtual room, and when you're done the next page tells you what your choices say about your style. For some of the items we didn't love any of the choices, so just picked the best fit. This is what our room looked like:

Which according the The Decorist means our style is 'Modernist'. Who'd have thought it! 

The second quiz I found was from one of my long-time favourites Apartment Therapy and requires just one answer! Go go with your gut and choose the combination that appeals to you most from these eight options...

D and I both chose H, and apparently this makes our style 'organic modern' which does sound quite fitting! Acording to Apartment Therapy this means:

You walk the line between minimal, clean lines of contemporary design, and beautiful, often luxurious, natural elements and forms. You eschew flash for everyday luxuries, like a well-designed teapot, that are mindful and tasteful. The outdoors is often your inspiration, realized with raw-edge wood, leather, fur, linen and natural stone. Not surprisingly, your palette is most likely filled with neutrals and warm and cool whites, along with other earthy shades, like mossy green.

Prett accurate I reckon! 

A quick search on pinterest for 'organic modern' revealed a whole host of images I love! These are three of my favourites and I think give a pretty good idea of the feel we will probably end up going for. I love the art in the middle one, like pages of a sketchbook! 

Hopefully we'll soon be able to start making some decorating decisions, we're still in the middle of the conveyancing process so we don't want to jinx anything just yet. Something we have decided though is that we're going to move in and decide slowly, live in the house for a while as it is, and make decisions based on how we use the spaces rather than just going solely for what we think looks best!  

I'm excited and nervous, and I don't even want to think about the process of packing - I think we have a busy few weeks to come! 

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