Happy November

Yesterday, we had an accidental day of looking at new houses. We had only planned on viewing one, but then decided that as our plan this time is to really take our time to look at anything and everything (even if we don't think it's what we want) we'd go to one of the new build estates on the outskirts of Norwich (you know, the ones that look like the village in Noddy!) and have a look around their show houses, which definitely provided us with some food for thought. 

We then spent the entire evening on rightmove, drawing search areas and shortlisting houses to view. I went to bed in a bit of a daze, I think I've looked at too many too close together and frazzled my brain.   

We did have a little break yesterday though, and after seeing about 25 million tweets, posts and photos about them, I thought it was about time I tried one of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We won a giant chocolate coin too because it was Halloween. 

Well Starbucks (and the 25 million people who clearly love these things), I can safely say I won't be having another! It smelled good, but it was sickly sweet, far too milky, and my reaction after the first sip was something along the lines of "Ugh, this is like a half coffee and half a mug of squash soup!" 

Blurgh. I usually like sweet and savoury together...but not this time unfortunately! I'll stick with an americano in future I think, and save pumpkins for soup! 

I can't believe its the first of November already! Time is flying. I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, looking at the mist rolling past outside and it seems impossible that we've been married nearly three months, and that in just thirty days we'll be opening the first door of our advent calendars! 

Lets make the most of November! We have a few exciting things lined up this month, and we're hoping to get Christmas all wrapped up (literally) before December arrives so we can enjoy the build up to our first one as Mr and Mrs without all the usual rushing about! 

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