Currently Coveting - Wednesday Wishlist

Another Wednesday, another wishlist! 

I didn't consciously set out to make this into a series, and it's been two weeks since the last wishlist post, but I've amassed a little collection of things again, and there's more to come, so it may become a series after all!

Things are moving forward with our moving house mission, and I've been pretty busy the last fortnight with various sewing projects (baby blankets, curtains, and mini backpacks!) leaving and returning from work in the dark, and trying to get Christmas sorted before December! Never the less, I've still managed to stumble upon several items I love. As before, please take note Father Christmas!  

I've followed Deliciously Ella's blog for a long while and really love her recipe book, bit it was only after I started following her on Instagram the other day and spotted this sweatshirt that I realised she also has an online shop...and I love it!

This Peace Love and Kale jumper is my favourite, but there's also Peace, Love and Coconuts, Avocados or Yoga (brilliant right!?) and all the designs also come on t-shirts and tote bags. Given that two of my favourite things in the world are grey sweatshirts and kale, I think this £35 beauty was pretty much made for me! Also, it would make a good alternative to my Nor_Folk jumper that I've been wearing pretty much every day since I've had it. I seem to be trying to justify buying it...that was not the idea of these posts, I was supposed to be window shopping only!

Moving on...

I spotted this little planter while browsing etsy for Christmas presents and fell a little bit in love. I adore the colour, the shape is sort of puffy and cuddly and reminds me of Barbar, and of course I'm a total sucker for an elephant (In fact I'm getting an elephant tattoo next month). It's only 4.5 inches long, which is a great size for a tiny succulent, and also a nice bedside table trinket size. It's made by Claylicious, a California based designer who also has lovely hand thrown bowls and various other animal themed planters. This little elephant is around £25. 

Something else I'm a total sucker for is stationary, and there's just something very appealing about this 'Please Deliver To' stamp. My handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, and sometimes I feel like I spoil a lovely card by scruffily addressing the envelope, so this would tidy things up nicely. Plus, I do love a banner and the wonky lines are great! I found it at Wit and Whistle (who also have great cards) for about £17 ish (plus shipping from America) 

This beautiful painterly wall hanging was an Instagram find. We're hoping that once we move we might have a little more wall space for displaying some things we love (our current living room has a door on every wall so space is limited!) so I've been subconsciously on the look out for things that catch my eye. Elizabeth Pawle is a paper and textile artist who also has an etsy shop selling a few pieces of her work. This wall hanging is £80, and is called Archipelago Four. I've been looking at it for ages. It reminds me of the shapes you see in clouds, the drippy inkblots used in rorschach tests and the crayon gives it a childlike quality. I also love it as a simple exploration of colour and material.   Very pleasing! 

Lastly is this T-Shirt from Isle of Wight based company Thorne and Anchor. I found them via Artemis at Junkaholique (who also lives on the Island) and they have some really lovely cards and gifts, and most notably the loveliest hand carves spoons (we're currently eyeing up the coffee and breakfast scoops!) This T-Shirt, with it's lovely hand drawn design is currently reduced to £10, and I find the quote really inspiring. I really do believe it's true, just sometimes though, I need a little reminder to be really mindful of the way I think about things and the way I talk to myself! 

"Change your Thoughts and you'll Change the World"

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