Another Little Gift For Another Little Person

Most of the things I make (or get asked to make) are for little people. Most recently I've made this little comforter for a lady I work to pass onto a friend as a gift. 

Just like the bunny I made for a friend recently, I love the idea that these little things have the potential to become treasured, well worn and maybe even passed on one day!  My godson Connor (you can read all about him and his brother here, his Mummy has recently jumped on the blogging wagon!) still sleeps with his 'tuggy', a very similar little comforter I made him when he was newborn! Here's a picture of him with it a while ago...he's quite a bit bigger than this now! (Also, apologies for the terrifying-faceless-baby look...but you just never know!)

For this one, my instructions were bright and boyish! So I went with primary colours and farm animals! I would just like to request that anyone else who wants anything with a monogram, please name your child something which starts with a letter which has only straight edges...such as A, or N! Sewing curves is tricky! 

For the towelling fabric back, I embroidered baby's birth details onto stars, and the hem got some loops of ribbon for fiddling with (and yes, everyone is aware that baby shouldn't be left unsupervised with this just yet, as hands and feet could get caught in the loops!)

I'm pleased with how this rather loud comforter turned out, but I'm definitely favouring more more muted colours at the moment. I've recently bought some lino printing bits. I vividly remember spending several hours trying to perfect it as school and pretty much just gouging lumps out of my hands. I'm hoping I might be a little more skilled at it now and am going to have a go at carving some stamps and printing my own fabric soon, although I've got a pretty long list of things to make before Christmas so that may have to wait until the New Year! Ugh, New Year talk already, wherever does the time go!?

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