Homeslice Pizza {Pizza and Wine of Epic Proportions}

While we were in London last weekend, we decided to go for pizza before heading home. A quick google search for 'Best Pizza in London' led us to Homeslice. They have two restaurants, one on Wells Street, and one in Neal's Yard. We know where we are with the Covent Garden area, so headed to Neal's Yard. They were pretty busy, and had no indoor tables, but said if we were prepared to risk the rain (my first though was 'my new hat!!') we were welcome to sit outside. We risked the inclemency, and sat at one of the tiny outdoor tables. 

Homeslice don't serve anything else, just pizza! I'm a huge fan of places that do one thing really really well, and would actually be put off a place if their menu was too big - you know the old saying 'The jack of all trades is a master of none'. 

Homeslice are certainly masters of pizza. You can either buy a slice from a selection for £4, or a 20" pizza for £20. Their dough is made with high protein German flour, aged for 24 hours and hand rolled to order. Their tomato sauce is made with Italian tomatoes, and other lovely things like olive oil, garlic and chilli. They also do some non-tomato based sauces...cauliflower cheese pizza anyone? As for cheese, their mozzarella comes from Naples and everything else comes from the Neal's Yard Dairy which is about 20 seconds away. Brilliant or what? 

Most of all their toppings are really exciting - no stuffed crusts here! We went for a 20" pizza, and split the toppings. There were 10 or so options, and we really struggled to choose. D's half had pulled barbecue brisket and pickles, and I went for caramelised onions, olives and anchovies. Incidentally caramelised onions should ALWAYS be on a pizza! You can see their menu here. Each pizza is cooked at 500 degrees in their wood fired oven for less than two minutes, and brought out on a wooden board with a pizza wheel and paper plates.

Remember I said we sat at a tiny outdoor table? Well, we sort of underestimated what 20" of pizza looks like...

It was honestly the best (any biggest) pizza I've ever had! Seriously beautiful, and we felt like we were in Friends eating the giant slices! 

The other thing Homeslice seem to be good at is wine! After a little research I found they source organic, biodynamic wines, and by using bag in box packaging can deliver really good wine affordably. It really does tick both boxes too, great wine, £4 a glass! Read more about it here. Also, rather than buying it by the bottle or ordering one glass at a time, you get a GIANT bottle and some glasses, pour it yourself, and when you've finished they use a ruler to measure how much you've drunk and charge you accordingly! So much fun, although also slightly nerve wracking if you have small hands and are known for being a bit clumsy...we decided to leave the bottle on the floor behind the table to avoid knocking it over...£4 a glass may be cheap, but not if you end up paying for the entire thing! 

We almost managed to finish all of the giant pizza (and somehow I managed to keep it out of my hair!)

They're also opening a new restaurant in Shoreditch soon according to their website. If you're ever anywhere near a branch I would wholeheartedly recommend it! We will definitely be going back. 

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