Glass, Wood, Copper {and a sneaky bit of marble}

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've recently started adding lots more home interior focused blogs and Instagram feeds to my reading list, and I'm noticing a definite theme. We have lived in our current house for a couple of years now, and have owned it for almost three, but since we bought it I think our style has changed quite dramatically. Our cottage is small and cozy, with wonky walls and floors, brick floors and an open fire. However its also extremely dark, impossible to buy furniture for and theres no sense of space anywhere, mostly because everything we put in it immediately feels huge, but also because all the rooms are directly connected to one another. There are no corridors or hallways, and I think this combined with the small windows and low ceilings is making us feel a bit claustrophobic. We're definitely ready to move on.

We've been looking around (somewhat half heartedly at the moment, it's true) at potential houses, and we're both being drawn to the same thing: big, light, white rooms! Rooms with painted wooden floors and barely any colour, just a few carefully chosen pieces that really stand out. Rooms with tall windows that flood them with natural light, and lots of clean lines and smooth surfaces mixed with more textured accessories. This is all a bit of a departure from the norm for us, but I'm enjoying being inspired by something a different. 

I'm really loving glass, wood and copper at the moment. (We already have lots of copper, particularly in the bathroom but it isn't working too well with the style of our house, and everything feels a bit....jarred) 

Here's a little roundup of a few of my favourite home bits and bobs. I wasn't sure how I felt about the recent obsession with marble I've been seeing all over the place, but this tray I mentioned recently from Immy + Indi caught my attention, and a few bits seem to have snuck into this roundup too, so I'm apparently coming round to the idea! 

Copper Ampersand - Colour Pop Bamboo Bowl - both Oliver Bonas

Some of the H&M bits are in the sale, and are so reasonably priced anyway it's tempting to buy them all now. The copper ampersand is only £10 too! I'm resisting for a bit though until we know what's going on. They may only be small things, but we made the mistake with this house of buying things for it before we'd even bought it and quickly learned that having to pay to have your bedroom window taken out to fit your antique wardrobe in isn't exactly the smoothest way to move house! 

Quite apart from that, I see a DIY copper and wood bowl in my near future...

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  1. How very "uneleanory" of you!! I do really like the hanging glass frame though!