Finally Jumped on the Ombré Wagon

Planning a wedding did funny things to me you know. For most of our engagement, but particularly in the months leading up to the day, I seemed to actually become nothing but a 'bride-to-be', and it affected so many areas of our lives.

I became a bit obsessed with keeping my skin perfect, I was getting up extra early in the morning to squeeze in an extra yoga session a day just incase my dress didn't fit (which is something I did not anticipate happening as I've never really had any 'body' issues before) and we were both reluctant to change anything...anything at all!  I applied for a job a few months before, and I found myself almost feeling glad I hadn't got it because it meant I didn't have to change anything, I didn't have to add anything else to the list of things I already had to deal with. Small things became huge decisions, ridiculous things like getting my hair cut!

I have always loved having a fringe but I'd let it grow out because I could never organise myself well enough to book in trims so it would get a bit...Claudia Winkleman (who incidentally D quite fancies so it wasn't totally a bad thing) and I'd just end up pinning it out of the way. Since finding a new hairdresser I've been wanting it cut back in, but I'd already had my hair trial and didn't know how my veil would look with a fringe.

So a new hair cut was added to the list of things to do after the wedding, along with getting it coloured, getting a new tattoo, finding a regular yoga teacher, blogging seriously, starting a business, spontaneous days in London, driving to Southampton, going back to Leeds, buying a car I've actually chosen, maybe even just buying myself some new knickers without wondering how many invitations or portions of pudding it could buy! Our lives had become split into time B.W (before wedding) and time A.W (after wedding)

Since August 6th A.W, I can confirm I have purchased new knickers, I've booked a tattoo, and as of yesterday afternoon...I have new hair!!

I've gone for a lovely subtle ombré, which involved several (five!) hours of backcombing, and a fairly heavy fringe and I love it I love it I love it!! I feel like a whole new person, and like I've got a proper hairstyle again rather than just having a mass of hair that I inevitably put into a messy bun every morning (although I can't guarantee that won't still happen!) My poorly back didn't thank me for it, five hours of sitting on your bum when you have piriformis syndrome is no laughing matter. Worth it though I reckon.  


  1. Eleanor! I love your hair!! Not many can pull off a fringe...but you certainly can! 😀

  2. Eleanor! I love your hair!! Not many can pull off a fringe...but you certainly can! 😀

    1. Thank you so much! I love it too, it's been three years since I had a fringe! x