Currently Coveting - Wednesday Wishlist

Since we're hoping to move house in the next few months, we've both made a conscious decision and effort to rein in the unnecessary spending a little, and try and finally get some savings behind us after this house and then the wedding sapped us of any we did have! It's not going too badly, although I did accidentally buy three new lipsticks on Saturday because they were three for the price of two, and I just couldn't decided between the plum and the dark nude (whoops)

So to allow my mind to still be indulged without actually spending any pennies, I've been putting together a 'wishlist' if you like. Things I've seen and loved but decided aren't entirely central to the day to day success of my life (unlike the three lipsticks which were totally necessary obviously!)

Firstly, is the little Monogramed Garland Ring Dish I forgot to buy from Anthropologie a couple of weekends ago that my mind keeps wandering back to. It's only £8, but combined with shipping it would be a bit excessive really. It's so pretty though! 

Another Anthro find is this Glimmered Tee. I love finding a perfect t-shirt, they are definitely my most worn wardrobe item, and I've been known to hyperventilate in Gap over a table full of square cut t-shirts with little pockets in every beautiful nude colour imaginable. This one (despite it's lack of pocket) is a bit special, it's got a lovely rose gold hint to it which I love at the moment, and since the wedding I can't stop being drawn to little touched of gold glitter. But, at almost £40 (in the sale) it's just not to be! 

Pinterest seems to be full of faux fur coats at the moment, and I actually love it! I've never really thought about wearing one before, but this combination of jeans, with a slouchy grey jumper and mirrored glasses is definitely something I'd go for (imagine it with that sparkly t-shirt too!) I've found a couple online that I like, nothing thats screaming 'buy me' (which isn't supposed to be the point anyway!) but I imagine they would look very different on anyway.

This slightly longer length one is £95 from Topshop. I quite like the wide collar, but I'm pretty short so I'm not sure how the length would look...possibly like I'm being swallowed by a grizzly bear! 

This one is £70 ish from Zara. I like the shape, but I think the pattern might be a bit much, and I prefer a coat with a collar generally.  

I generally only wash my hair once or twice a week, and always with a silicone and sulphate free shampoo/conditioner combination. As it's long I don't like to use too much heat on it, and the condition has been so much better since I've swapped to more natural products and 'trained' it to last longer between washes. I have a feeling though that now I've got a fringe again I'm not going to be able to get away with it for quite so long...separated greasy sections of fringe across my forehead isn't exactly the look I've been after! So, this dry shampoo may come off my wish list and become an actual purchase! It's from Fat and The Moon but I discovered it at one of their online stockists The Future Kept (who have so many beautiful things I lost an hour browsing their website) Unlike other dry shampoos its brown, so shouldn't leave that weird 'I've just aged 40 years' grey tinge, and I've found whatever is in the usual aerosol type ones (it probably doesn't bear thinking about) makes my forehead break out...again, not the look I'm going for even it said breakout will be hidden under a clean fringe! It has clay, cocoa and lavender which sounds amazing, and you put it on with a makeup brush which should mean its easy to get it where you want it, and not all over your floor/clothes/cat! It's £14, but I think it's probably worth it! 

I've always enjoyed yoga, not just from a physical, stretching, flexibility standpoint, but from an entire lifestyle point of view too. I picked this book up the other day and had a quick flick through and it looks great. There are poses of course, but also recipes, meditations, affirmations and the most beautiful photos. Just looking at some of them instills such a sense of calm! It's written by Rachel Brethren, who apparently has over 1,000000 Instagram followers (and once you've looked its easy to see why) and teaches yoga both on a mat and also on a stand-up paddle board. Wow!  

Now, I don't need a book about yoga; Rachel's website looks to be full of information and those calm-instilling pictures...but still. Maybe one for my letter to Father Christmas! 


  1. I never ever imagined you wanted a faux fur coat!! Love this! Plus think the dry shampoo may go on my list too..sounds like it will smell amazing!! x

    1. Neither did I...but seeing a million of them on pinterest everyday seems to have brainwashed me into requiring one! And yes to the dry shampoo...I'm actually hoping Father Christmas might see this post....