Could Cake Get Any Cuter?

Today I'm sharing a little something I found is quite possible that I have discovered worlds most adorable foodstuff!

I was browsing pinterest earlier and came across the edible delights of Japanese blogger Caroline...and they are definitely far too cute to eat!

Caroline uses a mixture similar to mochi (you know, those squidgy little donut/marshmallow pudding balls you get in Yo Sushi and Wagamama) to make the little cats that sit atop her cakes and pancakes. 

So bloomin' cute...their little squinty eyes!! 

How can you get such a look of joy on the face of a dessert?

And then there's these little bug-eyed guys...

I'll end with these little loafing kitties...just look at how puffy they are! I would quite like her to make a little version of Pastry!! 

Right, that's enough squealing and excessive exclamation marks. If you want to see more you can find Caroline blog here (all images are from her blog)

Lastly, and while we're on the subject of cake...did you know we've all been cutting it completely wrong? 

Yep, triangles are out, and rectangles are in! Turns out mathematician Francis Galton pointed this out in 1906. Check out this article and video to see what I mean. What do you think, is this way ever going to catch on?  

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