A new find and a re-discovery {Immy + Indi and Seventy Tree)

I've recently become a bit obsessed with Instagram. I know, I'm super late to the party! I've had an account for ages (226 weeks apparently), but I've only recently started using it regularly and following feeds that contain more than just cats and pouting!

One I'm really loving at the moment is Immy + Indi. Imogen (along with Indi the labradoodle) started out sharing her favourite Scandinavian inspired interiors on social media (a look I am so in love with at the moment!) and now runs an online shop selling prints, decorative pieces and her own line of marble homeware. I've spent the last couple of hours pouring over her lovely website and picking out my favourite pieces (I wasn't sure how I felt about the recent marble trend...but that octagonal trivet has got me!):

While browsing, I came across these postcards by Seventy Tree

I used to follow Kerry's Blog when I first started blogging, but her and her work have somehow fallen off my radar over the years, so I was really pleased to re-discover her, and find her and her husband are now travelling round Europe with their children as well as running their shop, how exciting! Here are a few favourites from their shop too, I can't stop thinking about the circles print...a treat may be in order I feel...


  1. Wow Eleanor thank you so much for your lovely comments :-) A huge hello from sunny Melbourne, Australia! From Imogen (@immyandindi)

    1. You're very very welcome! You're inspiring our new house search a lot at the moment! I wish the UK was as sunny as Melbourne today...we're a bit cold and drizzly! x