A Little Gift for A Little Person

Today I'm sharing a little gift I made for a friend. Louise founded the U and Your Skin Lounge in Norwich, and ever since the first email I sent her, which was some thing along the lines of "I'm getting married in two years and my skin is a mess helllllpppppp!", she has been a pillar of support. From her beautiful facials and product advice, to always being just an email away when I was freaking out about it all! I know I wouldn't have ended up with either the skin I have, or the feelings I have towards it now without her (and needless to say it looked great in the wedding photos!!) If you are local and have any skin issues, or just want an amazing treat I would highly recommend a treatment at the skin lounge!

I feel really lucky to count her among my friends, and when she had her beautiful baby girl Maggie in the Summer (only a few weeks before the wedding which I had expressly told her not to do!) I knew I wanted to make her a special gift. I gave it to her on Tuesday, and I think she rather liked it!

Anyone who's seen the Belle and Boo Book of Crafts may recognise him, but I tweaked the pattern a little, adding a little webbing tag with Maggie's name embroidered on it, and the fluffiest pom-pom tail! Maggie is still too little for him really (he's nearly as big as her) but Louise has already read her the Velveteen Rabbit so hopefully he will become a favourite one day! 

I love making special things for little people, I love the idea that something I've made could become something to treasure, and that one day things may get passed down through families. I've decided this year to make Christmas presents for all the children I usually buy for, we'll see how that works out time wise, but I've made a start and I'm quite excited about them! I'm really loving being off work this week, hiding from the rain and sewing with a cup of tea and the radio. Bliss! 

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