Post-Wedding-Getting-My-Life-Back (and braiding)

So, some big changes have gone on around here recently...I'm a Mrs now! No longer a girlfriend, or a fiancé, but a real actual wife! 

Our wedding was perfect, we had the best day of our lives and I'm so glad I did (and made!) everything I did in the lead up to it...but I think I'm even more glad that it's all finished and I have some spare time again! At some point I will share some wedding pictures...but we're waiting to show a few more people first (and I'd really love to get them published on one of the wedding blogs/magazines I spent so long trawling through in the three years we were engaged...we'll see!)

I have been making again at last though! While we were on our honeymoon (in Cornwall...beautiful) I was very tempted to get my hair braided, but then I realised my hair is nearly 2 feet long and they were charging by the when we got home I decided to braid the strings of my hoodie instead! 

I cut some really long pieces of embroidery thread, and tied them tightly to the top of the cord. I then stitched through the knot a few times with some strong thread to stop it sliding about, and started wrapping one colour at time around both the cord, and the rest of the threads. 

I used to make hundreds of these braids when I was about 8, attach them to hair grips and sell them at the jumble sale in the local village hall! Funny how you have a weird sort of muscle memory for these things. I did a few patterned sections too...

Then the cat came to offer his assistance...

He did eventually let me finish one string! To finish it I tied one stand of thread tightly around the cord and the other threads, and again stitched through the knot with some strong thread. I'm quite pleased with it, when I've done the other one I'll take some better (non iPhone) photos...when I wanted to make it the camera battery had run out and I didn't want to wait for it to charge! 

Stay tuned for more! I've been collecting potential blog posts for's really good to be back! 

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  1. At my wedding, all the guests (literally, all) told me how the food surpassed all expectations, since wedding food generally sucks. The brisket at NYC wedding venues was mind-blowing. My husband also had some custom choices for food that the chef easily made and incorporated.