Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival

Last weekend, was the 10th Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, which is one of my favourite weekends of the year! Snape Maltings (a re-purposed Victorian maltings set a little way up the river from the little town of Aldeburgh) plays host to some of the best food producers in the area, and this combined with the usual shops and galleries makes it my idea of perfect!

This was our fifth visit to the festival, and I think it was the best one yet. My sister and her boyfriend joined us, and we all had the best time sampling everything on offer and spending all my birthday money (mostly on smoked goats cheese and jam!) and taking silly pictures of ourselves...

We have to make sure we don't wear the same lipstick these days after Jessica introduced me to the wonder of a good matt one! She was wearing heels too...all day (not me...stuck to the Birkenstocks to eek out summer) Apparently we're proper grown ups now! 

D made his very best excited face (lots) and we queued up for ages to get fish and chips (during which I dropped half a pint of cider on the floor...what a waste!)

I've long been a fan of the Pump Street Bakery, in fact I think I first discovered them at the first festival we went to. On their stand they had some kind of delicious spinning-wheel-chocolate-melting contraption, and they were selling shots of the most amazing hot chocolate of had outside of Italy! Jessica bought a whole jar, but I stuck to one tiny little cup...  

...and a few bars! 

I was sorely tempted by the 100% cocoa bar as I love love love dark chocolate...but went for an 85%, a milk and my favourite sourdough and sea salt (and a list of local stockists!) for now. It's all amazing, and I've been allowing myself a couple of squares at a time to savour! 

Jessica and I also loved the Purely Pesto stand, who do the most amazing pesto (obviously!) but also tapenade, humous, horseradish and taramasalata! The boys were not as impressed and were eager to get back to the meat and cheese...Harry looks completely furious about the taramasalata! 

Next on the list...jam courtesy of The Naughty Sheep

This is amazing! I don't usually do jam (too much sugar!) but I could make an occasional exception for this jar of perfection! I'm thinking I might make some kind of bakewell tarts for Christmas with it too! 

As well as the food festival offerings, there's also the usual things to see at Snape Maltings. The music hall still impresses me every time, there was a group of singers practicing on Saturday and it was incredible, no microphones, just the amazing acoustics of the room. 

It's like the great hall at Hogwarts! We also found these musical note hooks in the shop, and while we don't have room for them just now...they're definitely something to remember in the future! 

As well as the music hall shop, theres also a homewares shop, stationary (!) and book shop, and the best toy shop around! I didn't buy anything this time, but I love just browsing at all the beautiful things (and testing out the sofas!) 

I had such a lovely day, I really love living in this part of the world! We're hoping to go back for their Christmas weekend and see a carol concert in the music hall (did I really just mention Christmas!?)

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