Making Christmas

This weekend was the Christmas fair at Jimmy's Farm in Suffolk, and for the last few years we've considered this the proper start of Christmas, mulled cider, reindeers, Father Christmas and food all over the place! This year though it felt extra special as we got to buy our first ever real tree! I say tree…we actually bought two as our living room is so tiny we didn't have room for a proper tree so have two of the tiniest trees you've ever seen flanking our fireplace! 

So yesterday evening and most of today have been spent watching Love Actually, Jamie Oliver on 4od (and the snooker) and making and putting up decorations! Our first Christmas in our very own house!

Cutting out sparkly paper for chains (please ignore the bra drying in the background!) accompanied by a very disinterested (for now) Pastry!

There is glitter every-bloody-where!

Here is one of our tiny trees! I cut out some little paper stars for the tops, but felt like the pots were far too unsightly! 

So I made a crumply paper bag to cover them up! A friend popped over with out first present mid-making and it's nearly as big as the tree! I also found the bar of Christmas tree scented soap my sister bought me last year, and made a couple of little paper bags to fill with nuts! 

I wired some little copper bells into the branches and added some little snowflake lights.   

We found this metal Merry Christmas banner in Sainsbury and I strung some paint dipped pine cones along a piece of twine for the mantle. We also have a wooden reindeer lantern friends bought us last christmas and the blue sparkly pine cone my godson made me has pride of place on the mantle. 

Paper chains and fairy lights adorn one shelf…and the cat suddenly became much more interested…they've already been down twice! 

And a friend made these for us last Christmas so they got strung up on the back of the living room door.

The other living room shelf got some pipe cleaner stars and a few more lights. 

And the kitchen got the fairy light treatment too! I think my favourite thing is how they reflect in every surface...

I'm sure I'll add bits and bobs in the run up to the big day, but it's safe to say it's not officially Christmas in out house! 

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