A Little Christmas and The End of my Terrible Photography!

Christmas has been and gone again, and while many may feel it too early, our decorations came down yesterday! I like to enjoy the days between Christmas and new year in an uncluttered sort of way so I can properly relax and ponder the new year and a new start. I did consider making a few new year decorations…and I still may, we'll see how the relaxing goes! 

I got some really lovely presents this year, but by far the most exciting is the camera D and I bought for each other, which we have wanted for a long long time and will mean the end of me blogging my terrible iPhone photographs! We bought an entry level Nikon DSLR, which so far seems really easy to get to grips with and is taking some great pictures of the cat! 

However, until we have taken pictures of something slightly more interesting, here are a few of my present wrapping efforts this year (and maybe one of the cat too.) I was really chuffed with how they looked, and the recipients actually thought so too! You see, all the hours of pinterest and Kirstie Allsopp were worth it after all! 

I made a few presents this year too. Blankets for babies, plenty of edible things for my grandparents, and this foot scrub and soak set, which I packed into kilner jars and gave with a sparkly bowl for soaking…

Pastry found the festivities very underwhelming indeed…

Although he did quite enjoy his presents, and it was his birthday on boxing day so he got thoroughly spoiled…allowed onto the bed an everything! 

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