Stir-Up Sunday

Yesterday was stir-up Sunday, the last Sunday before advent and the day it's traditional to make your Christmas pudding! I'm not making Christmas pudding this year, so Christmas cake filled the gap instead. I usually make the cakes (usually two, sometimes three, and four have been known!) in October, but time rather got away with me this year so yesterday was the day! 

I had a busy day actually, one of my best friend's sons has his third birthday today, so I popped over to deliver his very dinosaur-y presents, and its also D's brothers thirtieth today so he, his wife and D's parents came over for Sunday dinner. We had Christmas cake brownie tarts (courtesy of the Sainsbury magazine and a cheaty packet of vegan pastry) and the best dairy free ice cream I've ever had from local chocolate and ice cream  makers Booja Booja (this isn't sponsored, I was just very impressed!)

A few pictures of cake in progress…this is the first time in years I've made fruit cake without an electric whisk, and although my arm hurt and I got cramp in my fingers from creaming the butter and sugar it felt good to do it properly! 

My arm ached already! 


Ready for the oven!

I totally forgot to take a picture 4 and a half hours later when it was cooked…but I'm sure you can imagine what a fruit cake looks like! 

Pastry joined in for a little while…he apparently quite likes eating butter and chasing dropped raisins! He was very enthusiastic about the whole thing...

This lasted approximately 5 minutes, then he needed a little kip…
the recipe was the perfect place…


Feeling decidedly festive now! 

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