I Won {A lovely new diary and pencils from Noble Macmillian and Pedlars!}

When I was poorly the week before last, I entered a competition on instagram run by Noble Macmillan and Pedlars called Make 2015 Big. They were asking people to upload a photo of something they are looking forward to in 2015 for the chance to win a personalised Mezzo diary from Noble Macmillan and a box of 10 Signet 100 pencils from Pedlars {very exciting prize if you ask me!}I've long been a fan of Pedlars and always pop in there when we're in London and drool over things I love but can't afford! 

So, I posted this photo:

My engagement ring sitting on our wedding planning file…yup, the thing I'm looking forward to next year {fairly unsurprisingly} is finally getting married!! 

And I was completely over the moon to be told I had won! My wonderful prize came yesterday…it's really rather lovely:

The packaging is almost as exciting at their contents…almost...

They really are the perfect pencil! I love the layout of the diary too, I'm one for making lists on specific but never quite getting through it all, so I then end up transferring it all over to the following day, so having a weekly 'to-do' right opposite the diary page should work well for me! 

Now that I'm planning on making The Salted Tail a more regular thing, I could so with being a bit more organised about it all, so i'm going to keep this diary specifically for planning posts and making a note of things I see on my travels that I want to post about rather than doing it in an ad-hoc sort of way which is what I've done up till now! 

So thank you to Noble Macmillan and Pedlars for running such a lovely competition and even more so for choosing me as a winner! Made my whole month! 

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