Candles and Fairy Lights

I've been off work today feeling poorly…it would be wayyyy to much information to share what's been going on, but it hasn't been much fun (and actually that probably gives you a pretty good idea of what I've been suffering with, sorry!)

So I've spent much of the day eating crackers, sitting under a blanket and sewing felt christmas decorations (which I will share, but not just yet as the customer hasn't seen them yet!)

It started getting dark really really early, and by four this afternoon it was drizzly and miserable and I could barely see. So taking inspiration from this recent post by Jeska at the wonderful Lobster and Swan, I re-purposed a set of fairy lights that were inside my pumpkin, and lit some candles.   

Much better. Does anyone remember the wooden 'yes' from our engagement shoot? Hard to believe that was over two years ago and that in nine months time I will be a Mrs! 

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