Ombré Blooms

Good evening. Just a quick one before I go to bed to show you the most beautiful roses the boy brought home for me a few days ago. I'm not usually a fan of roses, I find them a bit fussy and uptight and would much rather have a big bunch of blowsy ranunculus or poppies or something wild. These are quite lovely though…and right on trend according to pinterest…

Orange ombré goodness!

I really like this orangey-coraly pink at the moment and I just love the variations in colour in each flower.

Pastry was also impressed (or maybe just a bit startled!) 

He soon got up and wandered off in search of food…he's not much of a poser! 

I'll be a bit sad when these die. I would try pressing them but past attempts have resulted in a flimsy brown papery things with none of the colour remaining. I'll just have to enjoy them while they last. What an old lady I am! 


  1. Gorgeous flowers, and I reaaallly want to cuddle Pastry, I need to meet him wahh! Miss you xxx

    1. Miss you too my love and Pastry needs to meet you too soon please! xxx