Friday Evening - Geldeston Locks Inn

Hi there! If you're anything like me you're currently counting the space between the thunder and lightening and waiting for a power cut! I do love a thunderstorm, not only because it will hopefully cool the air down a bit but it always feels a bit magical and exciting…like the earth is reminding us all how much power it holds (ooh, very hippy)

Anyway, before the thunder started on Friday, we spent a lovely evening at the Geldeston Locks Inn in Suffolk which is the perfect place to spend a warm Friday evening…good cider, good food and good music. Oh and it's also entirely beautiful! 

We found a bridge and played pooh sticks! I won every time…D is clearly rubbish at choosing twigs! 

We very much enjoyed the cider...

And watched the sun going down through the trees…

We found some boats and are thinking going out on the broads for the day once we've finished work for the summer might be quite good fun! 

I had a lovely time just being outdoors in the air in a field full of cows with nothing else to worry about…although I did stand in a cow pat in my flip-flops…not so good! 

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