Create A Little Lux {Part One}

So I know we haven't been living here that long, but I'm already feeling a little frustrated by our bathroom and they way it works. When we were choosing the tiles and paint, I had visions of it being a little bit of luxury...dark and cosy and a proper 'sanctuary' (please excuse massively cringe worthy description) 

We spent ages deciding on a colour and in the end went for navy hoping to create something like this:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

We went for subway style white tiles with copper and steel accents and I found a few copper bits and bobs at an antique fair. We chose towels that are perfectly miss-matched and co-ordinating storage but it all just feels a bit….bleurgh…

First we have the cluttery table and rather imposing litter box scenario….

Blindless window, random toilet roll floating around and cleaning products that are far too eye catching…I do love the copper canister and old ships light, but they're just becoming part of the clutter!

The carefully miss-matched towels inevitably get thrown haphazardly onto the rail, along with the cats blanket and various toys he likes to squirrel away under there! 

...and lastly the storage unit which is fine when it's tidy but still doesn't do a brilliant job of clutter hiding, and when it inevitably gets a little untidy it just looks like chaos…plus the cat loves to climb up it at every opportunity and send everything on it clattering about everywhere! 

So we're planning a little re-shuffle of things. We have zero funds for this (well, barely any) so we shall see how it goes…I'm aiming for this…

Haha! We'll see how that goes and I'll keep you posted! 

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