Love a Long Weekend

Hi there. How are we all this evening? 

Now, nobody would realise if I wasn't about to write it, but this post may take a few times longer to write than most because this is currently happening….

I'll let him off because he's cute and carry on with one hand.

So, how lovely is a long weekend? A Sunday when you know you have the next day off too is so much better. Ours went like this:

Little lamb card from my bestest and some lovely freesias to make the cat sneeze

An incredibly satisfying hour organising the pantry (the words 'get' 'a' and 'life' do spring to mind here)

The naughtiest breakfast ever at the waffle house, whoever thought bananas would go so well with bacon and maple syrup...

almost as well as they go with chocolate and toffee sauce (the waffles were gluten free so they don't really count right?)

Pastry wouldn't co-operate for a photo (also, please excuse my crazy hair in this…this is what happens to you when you work with children!)

Pastry got up to  a few things actually…computer lessons...

Being a grey felt cat-taco...

Drinking out of everything with water in it except for his water bowl...including the bath

And deciding that the best place to fall asleep is wherever it makes it most difficult for us to do whatever we are trying to do, like sitting at the table to eat or cleaning our teeth!

But when he looks like this its hard to care! 

On Sunday we went to a wedding fair. We've only been to a few of these and have never really been very impressed, and generally just left feeling annoyed by people trying to persuade us we need chair covers that co-ordinate with the bridesmaids knickers, invitations that are the same colour as the flowers, that a wedding isn't a wedding without a harpist and that D wanting to wear shorts is the funniest joke they've ever heard! This one was a bit different though, it was at Kenton Hall in Suffolk and was aptly named the Truly Marvellous Wedding and Bottom Drawer Fair. The exhibitors were really carefully chosen and all had a much more creative independent feel. We spoke to some lovely people, had a little snooze in a yurt and messed about in a photo booth (which we're seriously considering as the photos would be so much fun!) 

It also made us realise that we only have a year to go and that it's flying by faster than we thought it would, so this week's mission is to make the save the date cards…250 photo corners at the ready! 

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