1000 Paper Cranes - On Our Marks, Get Set, Oh...

You may have heard of the old Japanese tradition of paper cranes. Legend has it that folding 1000 of these origami birds will bring luck, grant wishes and show strength and commitment. It was said that if 1000 paper cranes were folded before a wedding took place, all the work would have already been done and the couple would therefore never have to work at their marriage (and they would have a beautiful display of handmade lovely-ness of course!) Apparently the folding was traditionally done by the father of the bride, who then gave the cranes to the couple during their wedding ceremony (I can only imagine what my Dad would say if I asked him to do this!!) 
I really liked this idea as soon as I read it. I love the idea of methodically folding birds together in an almost meditative way, and being able to get married surrounded by the hours of work we have done knowing that we can stick at something so long and sometimes challenging and make it work (a good metaphor I feel!) I can really imagine stringing up the 1000 birds around the pagoda we'll hopefully be getting married in and along the windows in the barn. Also, they look really pretty…

So we decided if we're going to do it we'd better make a start…1000 is going to take a loonnnng time! We gathered up about 30 sheets of origami paper I had lying around a paper thinking we'd make a start then order some more paper and make a few every time we had a few moments to spare. Easy peasy, should be done in no time really…easy as that. Or so we thought. We made two then couldn't stop laughing. Here is mine:

Alittle bit wonky as I wasn't leaning on anything but passable as a crane I think. And here is D's:

It's part crane, part pterodactyl and made us laugh so much we haven't made anymore since. The plan was to make 500 each…but we may have to go for a slightly different ratio! 

Hilarious as it was we're still going to go for it, at least to see how far we get. We've decided that actual origami paper is not very budget friendly though so we'll be making them all white with a few (hundred) made from other papers, some sheet music and old book pages maybe. It should look pretty...I'll keep you updated! 

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