Moving On With A New Arrival

Last post I said I might write more about the complete nightmare of a year we had renovating our house. However, I've since decided against it. I took photos all the way through with a plan to write about it all, but actually, I don't think it would be very good for me. 

We both found the whole process really really hard and we could quite easily have sold it and run away, in fact several times I sat on the floor covered in goodness knows what, in floods of tears and asked if we really could just leave. I hated it so much, and there were so many times I didn't think I would ever want to live here, and where I felt so dusty and dirty every time we left I couldn't imagine it evert feeling clean enough to live in. But we made it though (somehow!) and so now rather than showing you the process which I think might just be a stupidly long post which would make me feel rubbish and make anybody reading about it collapse with boredom, or even the end result which would inevitably feel all staged and unnatural…I'm just going to write again, about our lives and about how it is to live in this little cottage that now really does feel like our home! 

Since moving on from the nightmare of renovating and actually moving in…we have acquired a new arrival. A fluffy one. I'd like to introduce you to Pastry:

He's a four month old tabby we got from a local rescue centre. He and his four sisters were left in a shed after their old owner moved house and didn't take them along. Luckily, they were found by a neighbour and taken to the rescue centre. We always said when we got a kitten his or her name would be Pastry, and when we saw his picture on the centre's website, we both said, that's him, that's Pastry! We then had an anxious few days hoping we got there before anyone else did, but luckily he was meant to be ours and we brought him home 2 weeks ago! 

He's had a lovely time exploring his new kingdom…

And helping me sort out our books (into colour order…obviously!)

He loves chilling out under Wilson…we're determined they will be best friends and not links in the food chain!

He's had lots of squishes he probably doesn't want at all! 

And has been perfecting his poses...

Oh and doing a great deal of this sort of thing too...

 He has the funniest sleeping positions, and particularly likes to sleep either upside down or resting his chin on something hard…like the trackpad of my laptop which is where he is right now…it doesn't make for easy typing! We love him so much already…what ever will we be like when we have a baby?!

In other news, tomorrow we will have been together for 11 years! We're off to Aldeburgh for a walk on the beach before it's time to go back to work on Tuesday…if we really have to! 

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