Today D and I have been together for eleven whole years! This seems completely loopy…it simultaneously feels like its been a lifetime, but also that it must have only been a few months. It's also quite odd to think that this time next year we will have a little more than three months till we get married (more on that front later!) Maybe then I will finally feel like a proper grown up?

We decided to go to Aldeburgh for some chips and a walk on the beach. The queue for the chip shop was long…really long! 

But we were quite amused by the funny cottage names while we waited…

Winkle, Pebble and Kitten Cottages all in a row! 

There are lots of really funny little houses in Aldeburgh, like this one which has a huge set of front steps that seem to finish in an illogical place…we couldn't work out where the first floor starts??

There must be more steps inside, either that or a slide! On the beach is this little lookout turned gallery with the most spirally staircase I've ever seen

And this pink and white cottage that is barely bigger than a dolls house! 

Aldeburgh beach is all pebbles, so I decided to have a little play (little throwback to my degree)

And D went seagull spotting

Oh and there was some posing…

Best squinty pirate faces! 

On the way back we found a garden centre come antique shop (a bit odd!), this sign made us giggle…

"Tunisian Balls…which serve no real purpose but at £3 each or two for a fiver who cares!!"

And we made a couple of small purchases…

This old toy grand piano which also has four very wobbly legs, but we decided it was better without!

And this big old mirror which has lovely aged edges…it's really really heavy though, hence the stupidly large hook!  

So all in all a lovely day. We also bought some asparagus on the way home, so I'm now off to boil some eggs ready for dipping…my favourite tea ever, I love asparagus season (although we are a teeny bit early…shhh)


  1. Love love love that toy piano and the mirror is lovely too, and I realllyyy want to see inside the house with the stairs that sit halfway up the building, crazy. Love Aldeburgh :) oh andddd Happy Anniversary guys :) xxx

  2. ps how much did you manage to get them for, out of interest/nosiness? ;)

    1. Thank you :) I love Aldeburgh too and I'm completely fascinated by the odd steps house! Oddly they were £35 each, both knocked down from £45! We don't really have the pennies but hey-ho! x