Well hello there world...


I am very very aware that this post will probably go completely unread as I have been away for so very long that nobody would think to come and read this little blog of mine. Also, it will be a short one, just to let anyone who does happen to be ready know that I'm back! 

It's been a long and difficult break. We bought a house and it was all going swimmingly, until everything went so pear shaped that I started to forget who I was before we started the whole renovation malarky and most days I wanted to do nothing but hide under my bed and cry. I might write a longer post about this soon, but for now suffice to say that we've moved in at last, and I'm slowly learning to swim again! 

So…see this as my official return! Our new house has a tiny room which I have adopted as a kind of sewing den and our next project is turing our rather wild garden into a little allotment so there will be lots of posting about my adventures in sewing and growing to come! 

Here's a little picture of how our evenings have been looking recently…we haven't had the chimney swept yet so candles will do for now. You might recognise the big wooden 'yes' from this post a while back. I shall return again soon. Promise. Much love x

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