Porridge and Purchase

Good morning! Britain is finally sunny...wahoo!

Before we go and tackle the jungle that is our new garden, I am doing this:

Porridge with almonds, raspberries, yoghurt and maple syrup (yum!) and cutting out the teeny tiny index cards I made last night for my newest purchase. I  bought this vintage steel card file from inmyigloo, a lovely etsy shop selling carfully chosen vintage bits and bobs, with an 'industrial rustic' section which is a look I'm drawn to more and more these days. 

I had been looking everywhere for an address and birthday book organised by month rather than alphabetically, but they don't seem to exist. So, I was all ready to buy paper to make my own (exciting seeing as how I haven't bound a book in...about 3 years!) when the fiancé said, how about a card file! Genius, no?

So, I've made twelve dividers, one for each month, and a million little grey index cards. Then, at the beginning of each month, I can look at who has a birthday looming, and their address will be right there too! Plus unlike a book, this can be added to and kept in the correct order (adding on birthdays at the end of the month in a book and not being able to slot them in in date order would not be acceptable to my brain you see), plus gift ideas can be added throughout the year.

Here's what the cards look like:

I had good fun making all the patterns for the backgrounds too. I used this tutorial from pugly pixel, and made several variations of the polka dot tutorial with various different shapes.

So, I spent my Friday night watching Andy Murray win at Wimbledon (yay!) Harry Potter and playing with photoshop. Perfect.

Have a lovely sunny saturday lovelies x

p.s Can you believe it was year ago I wrote this post about watching Wimbledon...madness I tell you! 

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