I miss you...


My sincerest apologies for being away for so very long! So much has happened, and I have so much I wanted to blog about but never got round to. There is a reason.

Something incredibly exciting has been going on....

We bought a house! 

This teeny little cottage is officially ours! A little house of our very own at last. I can't wait to show you round, just as soon as the builders have descended and started moving walls and pulling up floors! 

There is a lot to do! An awful lot! But it is OUR awful lot and I love it to bits!

Back soon lovely people x

P.S My sister and I thought pulling silly faces was hilarious...makes me think sometimes that I'm really not mature enough for this (also, my sister was just visiting...she's not moving in!) 


  1. Congratulations. Looks super cute.

    1. Thank you :) We do love it...feeling a little overwhelmed by all the work that needs doing, but I will be having a sewing room at long last so yippee! xxx