My Reading List Has Gone {in two senses}

image from idémakeriet

Two interesting things have happened today.

Firstly, I passed the final assignment of my post grad diploma. Yippeeeee! This is a very exciting day - for the first time since I was 4 (that's 20 years) I am not in education, and will never have a deadline again. It feels so good. I also get to add a few more letters after my name, which is nice, though I'm really not the type to use them! What's more important is I will now have more time to focus on those little things I never had time for because I was procrastinating working, which hopefully means I'll be here a bit more regularly. 

Secondly, my entire blogger reading list has vanished....gone....poof. I really hope it comes back, because it will take me weeks to re-accumulate the 70 or so blogs I read regularly. Has this ever happened to anyone else? 

I hope you've all has a good's nearly Friday! 

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