Minnie Mouse {In Cake}

Good afternoon lovely people. 

I would hope to be posting photos of blossom and snowdrops by now...but unfortunately we're all still hiding indoors and trying to get the washing dry without letting it freeze! Spring MUST be just around the corner. It must be. Surely. 

In other non-weather related news, you may remember that last weekend was my fiancé's 26th birthday and I made a vegan Leon chocolate cake. This weekend was my (almost) sister in law's birthday, and I'm always on the lookout for good dairy free recipes for her as she is allergic to the white stuff. I decided to try the same recipe but this time bake it in muffin cases. It was good. Really good. They didn't puff up and go all perfect and rounded like a fairy cake (which I'll be honest I'm a bit over...shocking!) They were cracked and puffed up and gooey and brownie like. Yum.

She is also utterly obsessed with Disney. So the icing choice was fairly simple. I used a cooked sugar meringue frosting, and I meant for it to be red, but it seemed to want to stay pink and I got bored of adding more colouring. I did have good fun cutting out the polka dots with a drinking straw and blowing down the end to pop them out. I'm easily pleased. 

The icing sufficiently covered up the cracked and puffy tops (which don't get me wrong I love) and they turned out really cute (and yummy) if I do say so myself!

I've quite missed baking. I used to do it loads...have a look. Although I don't think I'm quite ready to tackle macarons again yet, I made them perfectly once after nearly a year of trying, and I haven't dared try again since. Maybe one day.

I hope you're keeping warm...we considered booking our wedding on a date in April, and at the moment I'm glad I didn't as it doesn't look like it's getting warm anytime soon!

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