Make it official

Morning everyone! Just time to share a little wedding related D.I.Y I did recently before we head out for a walk in the chilly new year air!

I decided long before we got engaged who my bridesmaids and maid of honour would be, my oldest friend and oldest family friend would be bridesmaids, and my sister would of course be maid of honour! They all knew this long before we got engaged too, but I still wanted to ask them officially! So, on Christmas morning, they all found a cracker under their tree...

Photo 2

Inside the cracker was (apart from some pieces of toilet roll tube) the motto....

Photo 3

A tiny spool of ribbon...

Photo 1

And a tiny ring with each of their initials...

Photo 5

And when they unraveled the ribbon, this is what they found...


Of course this was my sisters, the bridesmaids said "bridesmaid". 

All three said yes...and now the hen party planning can begin...oh dear oh dear! My sister is already talking about head boppers with willies, pink fluff and waiters with no clothes on...she knows full well this is the exact opposite of what I would like to do but is enjoying winding me up! I am enjoying knowing one day I can get my own back!

Much love! x 


  1. So cute! I love the rings with the initials, so pretty :)