Looking Back

Here we are again. The last day of another year. This year has felt different to others though, and I think 2012 will stand out for me above others in years to come too. I've always been proud to be British, but this year, I've truly loved being from this little island. We've had the eyes of the entire world watching us, from the Queens Golden Jubilee celebrations in June, to the culmination of years of waiting and preparing for the Olympic Games to come to London, then following them up with best Paralympic Games ever! I really think we did a good job!

On a personal level, a lot has changed in the last 12 months, we got engaged this year, we watched D's brother get married and D started a new job, passed his driving test and bought a car (meaning my mini is now much happier sitting on the driveway most of the time instead of spluttering about in the rain). We went to see mortgage advisors, I started a business, we looked at our first houses and booked our own wedding; we became proper grown ups!

We have big plans for next year too, we just booked to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for our 10th (yes, that one zero!) anniversary in April, we're well on the way to buying our first house, and plans for a holiday are afoot too!

By way of resolutions, I'm not really making any as such. What I am going to try and do is not to stress so much, eat a bit cleaner, be a bit more organised and generally not put so much pressure on myself! As I keep being told, we'll get there when we get there!

Here are a few of my favourite photo's from the year. I hope you have a wonderful night tonight and that 2013 has many happy memories in store for you!

This was about 5 minutes after we got engaged - If I'd had more warning I would not have had black nails!

Here we both are thoroughly confused by button holes - can you tell our wedding is not going to be traditional in the slightest!

 We had so much fun doing this shoot!

I finally started selling things!

We spent a lot of time chilling with Wilson! 

 Tea and bunting - Naturally!

Every year I break my "neat eyebrows" resolution!

I love this shot of us just after we announced we were engaged!

Thank you all so much for reading - it means everything that you keep coming back to read the nonsense I like to write about! 

Happy New Year and Love to You All 

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