Wedding Musing (erm, okay...obsessing!)

Evening everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely (and safe!) bonfire weekend!

As you all know by now, we are currently planning our wedding (this sentence still makes me go eeeeeeeeeeep inside!) and I have been looking through literally tons of wedding photos online looking for inspiration. In amongst the wonderful ideas, I have spotted something that really bugs me. Like REALLY, to the point I have told my Mum she has permission to shoot me if I do it. 

I'm talking about coat hangers. Yep, coat hangers. I'll elaborate...why would you spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on the most amazing dress you will ever wear, search out the perfect place to photograph it beautifully...then hang it on a horrible wire dry-cleaners coat hanger, or worse, one from a shop with the size label plonked on the front? It baffles me! 

So I have been searching etsy for a hanger worthy of having the dress of your life adorning it, and here are my favourites (click on the images to go directly to their etsy listing):

Beautiful hand lettering with wire - you could also go for "Mrs Your-new-name", or anything else you fancy!

Another more subtle hand lettered lovely.

I love this monogram - and it would be so cute for your bridesmaids!

Something different and a bit more contemporary, love birds!

And we mustn't forget the boys (although if they're anything like mine, they won't give a monkey's about the hanger their outfit is on!)

Nice and simple

This is by far my favourite - a comic strip hanger with scenes from Batman!

I know there's a dress hanging on this, but I think this one is definitely for the boys - and how appropriate for Movember (click here if you have no idea what Movember is!)

There are more details to think about than even I realised! I'm actually glad we've still got two and a half years to plan this, mostly because I'm having so much fun! I am beginning to wonder if I could feasibly be a wedding planner you know.

Toddle pip folks, happy bonfiring and sparklering! 


  1. Yet again a lovely read... I'm actually rather loving your wedding planning too! Lol. Xx

  2. really enjoyed reading this :) x

  3. I bought my friend a personalised hanger for her wedding day :)