Save the Date

Good evening! I have some super duper exciting news to share with you all...can you guess what it is?

That's right, we booked our wedding today...we officially have a date! (I guess the title did give it away a little bit!)

In 2015, we will be getting married at the absolutely stunning Southwood Hall in Norfolk, a converted barn, with spit roast, wood fired pizza oven, swing, amazing scenery, outdoor ceremony area and the most incredible bridal suite has a hot tub and steam room!


It was the first (of only two) venues we looked at and we fell completely and utterly in love!  It's so beautiful, the food is amazing and the staff immediately make you feel like family.

I won't give too much away (some of our family don't know we've booked yet) but I will show you some photos of one of my favourite things about our venue (will take a while to get used to saying that!)

Down this woody path...


Is this tiny little gate...


Which is exactly how imagine the entrance to the secret garden! The Secret Garden is one of my favourite favourite books, and I would love for a robin to show me the way to a secret walled garden nobody else knew about. For now though, this gate will do!


I did have a check through the latch just to make sure...


So as you can imagine, we've has a thoroughly exciting weekend! I can't believe it's Monday tomorrow already, and I also can't believe that Christmas day is just one month away!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend too, much love everyone x


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