Good evening fine folk, I hope you're all well on this freezing October evening. As the saying goes, we have official "fallen back" to Winter time which means it was pitch black by half past five this evening! 

I can't pretend to complain really though, I love this time of year! The anticipation and build up to Christmas has begun (sorry...but it has!) and it's time for cozy nights in with a film and a duvet and nippy walks on the beach! 

Today we did a bit of shopping...mostly window I have to say. Seeing as we are saving to buy a house of our very own and pay for a wedding, I just can't justify buying 'stuff' because I like it and it will come in useful one day! 

I really had to resist when we got to John Lewis today though, their Coastal table ware range is gorgeous, it looks like old enamel but is actual a satisfyingly heavy stoneware: 

Bootiful! I definitely bought a set similar in the January sales this year, but it has been hidden away in the loft ready for when we move, and I know there was a coffee pot in the set...but I can't remember what else! More evidence for my need to stop buying things I feel - if I can't remember it a few months later I clearly didn't need it! 

Keep warm everyone!  x

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