Super quick excited sneaky peak!

Good evening fine folk, how are you all?

It's officially autumn here now which I love! Every celebrity chef has a new cooking show, I'm allowed to wear slippers and bed socks, the air outside smells of crunchy leaves, the air inside begins to smell of cinnamon and we all get to start thing about, quietly now...we're only thinking...about Christmas (shhh, I didn't really say it!)

Before all that though, we have the very very exciting job of looking at wedding venues! We're looking at our first tomorrow and I'm mostly excited, but a little bit concerned that I don't feel old enough to drive sometimes, let alone get married! I will of course let you know how it goes!

Until then, here are a few of my favourite images from our engagement shoot, more of which I shall show you tomorrow....

We bought our wonderful props from Love Letters and could not have been happier with them! It was so much fun prancing about with a giant wooden yes! 

Much love my dears, toodle pip x

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