It's coming...

Yep, I'm talking about Christmas. Sorry, but I can't deny it any longer, and quite frankly I don't want to! 

Yesterday our Christmas Good Food magazine arrived (it's sparkly!) and I decided to go and hide with a face mask to read it. This face mask from Lush is incredibly minty, like really minty to the point it made my eyes water! Plus it looks like you have green porridge all over your face - but it makes your skin feel lovely, and it is Halloween after all! Very blurry and backwards instagram picture coming up...



  1. I love Christmas magazine so much! My favourite has to be Red but I also love the Good Food one and special ones that come out... though they do always cost quite a lot!

    Fee x

    1. They do cost a lot yes...but it always feels like the start of Christmas when they start being published, so I figure one or two is allowed! x

  2. Christmas magazines are the best!! x

  3. They really are! Also, the department store gift my John Lewis one yesterday! Christmas has begun! xxx

  4. Oh, man, if the food special magazines are out then it's ON.